Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year, New Project

Here at blitzpampers headquarters, food is no new obsession. Cooking and baking are Jennifer's favorite creative outlets, with the fabulous bonus that the results can be shared and (hopefully) enjoyed by all. She's become an avid foodie blog reader and is always in search of new ideas. Additionally, we are in the throes of fussy toddler eating habits with a particular member of the blitzpampers household (leading us on educational forays on nutrition and tasty foods), and we will be making baby food at home again before the year is out. We've been trying out a lot of new recipes lately, and there has been a great response to the small "cooking" column in our main blog. Given that it's a new year and new projects are always welcome, Jennifer decided to add a food blog to our online repertoire. This should help us keep track of what we're eating and how it goes over with the judging panel, as well as hopefully share a few recipes our friends and family will preparing enjoy too. Please check in often and comment regularly. Give and take makes it more fun for all of us, and please share any recipes you love via our email address. We will be excited to try them out!