Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun at the organic market

Every Wednesday, there is an organic food market in The Hague next to Parliament. Many (though not all) items are local, but all are organically grown/raised/produced. You see a lot of long hippie skirts there and a few judgemental eyebrows when you don't bring your own bags, but we like stopping in to pick up some fresh goodies each week. Ellie likes to help with the eggs. She is always very careful and deliberate, and the proud look of accomplishment when she's done is priceless.

This time around, there were lots of fresh local berries on the market. While I was making my selections, the lady working the fruit/vegetable stand handed Ellie a fresh strawberry...and that was it. Sales pitch scored! The big grin, the enthusiastic "More! More! More! PLEASE!" accompanied by baby sign language for "more"...we had to have some. I bought a little basket of them, which Ellie proceeded to eat with gusto. Thank you, makers of Tide pen for saving her cute sundress from strawberry-red doom.

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