Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stones Pizza

Still not cooking for ourselves much, but oh my have we discovered some yummy pizza! Stones Pizza in North Perth won the Bronze Medal 2008 at America's Plate World Pizza Competition in New York for their "Sweet Tina with Bacon" pizza. What does this mean to us? That we had to try it! Try it we did, and holy moly what a pizza! Without the bacon, it's vegetarian. In fact, most of Stones Pizza pizzas are vegetarian, and nearly all can be made gluten-free. The gluten-free option is readily available in most restaurants and prominent in grocery stores here, telling me it must be a fairly common allergy among Australians. But I digress. Pizza!

No recipe since we ordered in, but here's the topping list on a thin crust pizza:

Stone Pizza's "Sweet Tina with Bacon"
garlic butter
roasted sweet potato
caramelized shallots
fontina cheese

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