Friday, January 25, 2008

Bigger tease than intended

Hi folks! Sorry about the long delay between the teaser and the recipe. I couldn't find it again! I have about 5 years worth of old "Bon Appetit" magazines, where I get a lot of my recipes. I put the magazine I used for the salmon away again after I finished cooking, and I still haven't found the recipe. I will keep looking and post when I find it. I don't worry about copyright infringement there because I changed it a bit (I can remember my changes). Does anyone know what the story is with copyrights on recipes? I see so many food blogs that share recipes from published sources, but I don't want to get myself into trouble there. That's a bit reason why this new blog of ours has fallen short of late. If someone has insight on this, please share!

While we aren't vegetarians, our meals tend towards that direction. We don't really care for red meat or pork (though Jennifer can't deny some crispy, salty bacon here and there), chicken gets boring, and fish poses a problem. Why is that? There was recently a cover article in the International Herald Tribune about serious overfishing and illegal fishing that is depleting the oceans and causing all sorts of ecosystem issues to feed the demand in Europe (and we live in Europe). The report said there is really only one checkpoint that is severely understaffed to deal with these issues, so the illegal fish gets mixed with the legal fish too quickly to know what is ethical and what is not. Fish sellers don't feel any need to address the problem at their end, because they often don't know if the fish is illegal and they don't see the point in not selling what has already been caught. The only solution is to demand tighter regulation and stop buying fish (reduce the demand) unless you know its source. Sigh. Our four year stint in New Orleans converted us to happy seafood eaters, and now we have had to cut back in that area too. We are lucky here in that The Netherlands is so dairy-oriented that we know our milk and dairy products are all fresh and don't come from industrial farms; nor do our eggs (even stateside I can't buy anything not free-range organic). Unethical fish poses a problem of conscience that we opt not to face on a regular basis. So...we are left with vegetarian options most days. Thankfully, those are quite healthy, satisfying, and delicious when you get into the groove of finding good recipes! My favorite source: Cooking at the Pacific Outpost by my good girlfriend, gail. She is a vegan on a mission to only eat the most yummy foods possible. Sounds great to me! Last night, we tried out her latest recipe: Moroccan Couscous with Roasted Vegetables. Rave reviews, people! It was/is delicious! If you are interested in adding more veggie-friendly options to your diet, I highly recommend checking out her site and cooking up something new. I bet you will love it!


Gail said...

I'm blushing!!!

Karly said...

Ok, so I googled "copyrights for printed recipes published on food blogs" and found some interesting stuff a little down the results page from a blog called Just Hungry (good post and comments) and a Washington Post article...both from 2006. Perhaps that will help you in your quest to decide. Just thought I'd pass that along. Also, yes, the recipe on Gail's website looks awesome! Thanks for sharing...just one more foodie blog to add to my ever growing list :)

the dipe squad said...

gail, you deserve any and all praise for that yummy food! It's no coincidence that the summer I met you was the last I ate a steak and generally started moving away from the meat and potatoes on which I'd been raised. I haven't looked back! :)

Karly, thanks for the research! I checked out the sites you recommended, and now I feel better about charging ahead with this food blog. I know most people just don't care what we eat, but sometimes when we hit upon something fabulous, I just want to share! Thanks also for being patient with the salmon recipe delay. Markus has remarkably requested that for his birthday dinner (remarkable because he is generally anti-salmon), so my search for the recipe will be renewed tomorrow!

And for the record, supposedly our salmon comes from the North Sea and is legal. We hope.