Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We've been up to our eyeballs in new goings-on here at blitzpampers HQ, so I haven't been posting much. To get myself back into the routine, I am here to post at least a little teaser about the latest new recipe: Salmon with Maple-Thyme Glaze. We don't eat much salmon, because Markus generally doesn't care for its strong taste and Jennifer can't be bothered to make it for just herself. I have tried here and there to find different recipes that can be enjoyed by both, and tonight's attempt was a big hit. Who am I kidding? It was FABULOUS. And so easy! I can't quite remember proportions (which is why this is a teaser), but look out for that recipe soon. If you like salmon (or are willing to give it a go), I highly recommend you try this!

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Karly said...

So naughty for teasing us like that ;) Sounds fabulous...can't wait to see the recipe!!